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Lisa's Baked Goods, Marion, Iowa

Homemade and Handmade...Just For You!

Raised Breads

Everything we make is homemade and handmade

What are raised breads? Raised breads are those made with yeast that must have time to raise prior to being baked. These have that light texture (as opposed to quick breads, and how dense they are) and make great sandwiches.

Lisa got her start baking with bread, and these are some examples of the bread she makes. All sandwiches she makes are on bread baked by Lisa. (She does confess that the oven helps.)

White Bread Loaf

This is supposed to be an image of a white bread loaf This is the starting point. Lisa’s basic “like everybody’s grandmother used to make” white bread. This bread is available in about any shape or size requested. The loaf pictured here is the basic loaf, ready for slicing.

White Bread Round

This is supposed to be an image of a white bread round This is a lot like the white bread loaf. The same bread dough is arranged in a round pattern, so everyone may enjoy one. Or two. Or three. Or...well, you get the idea.

Pretzel Rolls

This is supposed to be an image of a pretzel roll This pretzel roll makes a wonderful sandwich. The coarse salt on top provides a crunchy texture contrast with the light, yet satisfying bread on which it sits.

Sub Roll

This is supposed to be an image of a sub roll Lisa is happy to bake bread in this traditional, foot long sub roll. This is the basis for many delicious meals.