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Lisa's Baked Goods, Marion, Iowa

Homemade and Handmade...Just For You!

Quick Breads

Everything we make is homemade and handmade

What are quick breads, exactly? These are the breads that satisfy immediately after you take your first taste, and they disappear quickly!

Seriously the baking world, quick breads refer to those breads without yeast that are able to be baked quickly. No yeast means no time waiting for bread to raise, and into the oven it goes!

Lisa's offerings include banana bread, banana chocolate chip bread (are you KIDDING?), zucchini bread, chocolate zucchini bread, pumpkin bread (this pumpkin is NOT from a can), cranberry bread, lemon poppyseed bread, blueberry bread, and peach bread. As always, the fruit is fresh.

Quick breads are available in small loaves (approx 2” by 3”) that will serve one, and large loaves (approx 3” by 7”) that will serve 3-4. Each small loaf will be individually wrapped in plastic. The large loaves will be served sliced on a serving tray.

Small loaves are priced $1.25 each, and have a minimum of six loaves per flavor ordered. Large loaves are priced $4.50 each, and have a minimum of three loaves per flavor ordered.