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Lisa's Baked Goods, Marion, Iowa

Homemade and Handmade...Just For You!

Candies and Snacks

Everything we make is homemade and handmade

Lisa’s candies are, simply put, without peer! Whether your pleasure is her peanut butter balls, her peanut clusters, her chocolate covered OREO cookies, or even her chocolate covered bacon, your need (and don't we all need chocolate) for chocolate will absolutely be satisfied here.

The candy is available as an assortment of peanut clusters, peanut butter balls, and chocolate covered OREO cookies, served on a 12” tray. This tray will be a total of two dozen treats, and is priced $28.00. The bacon is $1.75 per slice, with a minimum order of a dozen slices.

We also offer Chex mix. Lisa's version includes Rice, Corn, and Wheat Chex, as well as pretzels and peanuts. This savory treat is priced $14.00 per tray of 24 half-cup servings.